7-Day Lanzhou-Xiahe-Xining And Zhangye Tours

  • Tour Code: LXZ2

  • Destinations:Lanzhou; Bingling Temple; Xiahe; Labrang Monastery; Tongren; Xining; Zhangye

Tour Highlights

  • Visit “college of Buddhism Art” Wutun temple.
  • Enjoy the Rain Bow Mountain Geopark.
  • Visit the most influential and the largest Monastery of (yellow hat sect)of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Enjoy the best Buddhist Artwork in Bingling Temple.

Day 1
Arrive Lanzhou
Hotel:Legend hotel (4 star)
Meals:No Meals
Activities: Pick up from airport and transfer to your Hotel
Our driver will pick up you from Lanzhou international airport and transfer to your hotel.
the airport is about 80km from your hotel which is about 1.5 hours driving distance.
You will have free time after check into your hotel.
Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu province. About 3.2 million people live in this urban city. It is an ancient city on the Silk Road, between Europe and China, located at the entrance of a lowland corridor called Hexi corridor. On both sides of the long valley there are mountains, deserts and plateaus which obstruct journeys from the north and the south.
Day 2
Lanzhou to Xiahe
Hotel:Civil Aviation Hotel (4-star)
Activities: Drive to xiahe and visit Bingling temple on the way
Our guide and driver will be expecting you at the hotel lobby to give you an exciting tour today. Start driving to Xiahe, first stop at Liujiaxia small town to visit Bingling Grottos which filled with Buddhist sculptures carved into natural caves and caverns in a canyon along the Yellow River.
So we have to take a boat from Liujiaxia town to Bingling temple which takes about one hour to get there through Liujiaxia Reservoir and we spend about 2 hours to explore the sculptures, carvings and frescoes which are outstanding examples of Buddhist artwork.
Our driver Waits for us at the other side of the Reservoir and drive us to Xiahe through many small beautiful villages.
Upon arrival at Xiahe at about 5:00pm first check into the hotel take a short rest and have dinner at a local restaurant.
Day 3
Xiahe to Tongren
Hotel:Hongfengde Hotel (3.5 star)
Activities: visit Labrang Monastery, then drive to Tongren
Our guide will meet you at the hotel and drive you to Labrang Monastery which is the largest, most influential and major monastery of the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The architectural layout follows true Tibetan style, while construction patterns are mixed with Chinese styles.
Then drive to Tongren county and spend overnight.
Day 4
Tongren to Xining
Hotel:San Want Hotel Xining (4-star)
Activities: Visit Wutun Temple and Longwu Temple , Then drive to Xining
After breakfast visit Wutun temple which was built in 1645 and is known for its precious collection, including sakyamuni’s hair and other Buddhist relics. This classical temple is full of ancient Tibetan treasures such as murals and ribbons. Wutun temple is often referred as “college of art”.
Then drive to Longwu temple which is one of the oldest and largest temples in Qinghai province. It was built in 1301 and has a history of more than 700 years. The temple is full of rare and precious cultural relics, as well as some imperial handicrafts, including the seals used by the Ming emperors.
Then head to Xining which is about two hours driving distance. Once arrive check into your hotel and Stay overnight in Xining 
Day 5
Xining to Zhangye
Hotel:Tianyu International Hotel (4 star)
Activities: After breakfast visit Ta’er Monastery (also called Kumbum temple ) and then take a bullet train to Zhangye
After breakfast visit the Ta’er Monastery (also called Kumbum temple ) which is the religious activity center for both monks and followers of the Yellow Hat Sect (also known as Gelugpa, the branch of Tibetan Buddhism). Kumbum temple is one of the two most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries outside Tibet. In the peaceful hills of Xining, there are beautiful temples and residential landscapes. Most importantly, Kumbum temple is an ideal place to watch yak butter sculptures and traditional embroidery.
Then drive to Xining railway station to take a bullet train to Zhangye. Our local driver/guide will pick up you from ZHangye railway station and transfer to your hotel
Day 6
Zhangye Tours
Hotel:Tianyu International Hotel (4 star)
Activities: Visit Wooden temple pagoda; Matisi temple; Zhangye Danxia Geopark;
After breakfast, we will visit Wooden temple pagoda which has a long history and rebuilt in 1926; then drive to Matisi temple, 80KM 2Hs and has about 1600 years history; There are about 70 Buddhist grottoes since most grottoes were carved from the mountain tourists need to go up to the mountain, the lane is quite narrow;
After lunch drive to Zhangye Danxia geopark (rain bow mountain ) where we see different colors and the view is different at different times, the scenery is really fantastic and incredible. It is the best representative of China’s colorful Danxia landform and the largest Danxia landscape in an arid area with a wide variety of landforms.
Finally drive back to Hotel and stay overnight in Zhangye
Day 7
Departure from Zhangye
Hotel:Not included
Activities: Our guide/driver escort you to Zhangye airport or railway station as you like
Today is the last day of your tour with us,we hope this tourshouldn’t be the last. We strive to make every day of your time with us the one that you’ll always remember and if you’d like to book some other tours please Contact us for more information

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