Tours in Dunhuang , Turpan, Kuqa , Taklimakan desert , Hotan and Kashgar

  • Destinations: Dunhuang, Turpan, Kuqa, Taklamakan Desert Highway, Hotan, Yarkand, Kashgar and Karakoram Highway

  • Attractions: Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Lake , echo sand mountain, Idikut (Gaochang) ancient city, Astana tombs, Toyup village, Bizeklik Thousand Buddha caves and Flaming Mountains, Yargul (Jiaohe) Ancient city, Karez underground Irrigations system , Emin Minare, Kezil thousand Buddha caves , Kuqa Grand mosque, Subash Ruins, Silk Fabric, Imam Asim Shrine and mosque, Yarkand Royal graveyard, Idkah mosque, Apakhoja tomb, old city of kashgar , Livestock market, Sunday market and Karakul lake

Day 1
Tours around Dunhuang
you will visit Mogao grottoes, crescent lake and echo sand mountains
take overnight soft sleeper train to Turpan
Day 2
Turpan for whole day
visit Idikut (Gaochang) ancient city, Astana tombs, Toyup village, Bizeklik Thousand Buddha caves and Flaming Mountains
Hotel: Huozhou Hotel or similar (4-star)
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
Day 3
Turpan to Kuqa by overnight train
visit Yargul (Jiaohe) Ancient city, Karez underground Irrigations system and Emin Minaret. in the evening take overnight train to Kuqa at 19:31
Hotel: on the train
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
Day 4
kuqa for whole day,
arrive in Kuqa in the morning at about 8:55am and then visit Subash ancient city, Kizil thousand buddha caves, kuqa grand mosque and old bazaars.
stay in Kuqa
Day 5
Kuqa to Desert and camp overnight
drive along the desert highway and cross the Taklimakan. close to evening, pick a place with high sand dunes and camp overnight
Day 6
Desert to Hotan
drive to Hotan city after breakfast and check into your hotel, take a shower to get rid of the dust and sand from the desert, memory will be kept forever.
Then visit Hotan Sunday market which is very interesting and not touristic.
in the afternoon, visit an old moque and shrine out of the desert and silk Fabric and Carpet workshop.
Day 7
Hotan to Kashgar
Leave for Kashgar early in the morning. Stop in Kaghilik for lunch and see the Grand Mosque built in 17th Century.
Then stopping in Yarkand for a few hours to enjoy the local culture and do some sightseeing. For example; Golden Mosque (built in 1533) and its graveyard including several hundred year old tombs. Yarkand became the capital of many Uighur Kingdoms in ancient times and was an important station on the old Silk Road. It has more than 2000 years of history.
Day 8
kashgar to Karkul lake
Drive along the karakoram highway and stop at opal village, gaz valley , caravan saray , bulungkol valley and all other good spots along the way.
arrive in Karakul lake by lunch time and in the afternoon walking and hiking around lake and stay at local family yurt near lake.
Day 9
Karkul lake to kashgar
if you want you can hike more around karakul lake and drive back Kashgar whenever you are ready.
Day 10
Kashgar for whole day, then fly to Urumqi.
visit Old city, grand bazaar, idkah moque, apak hoja tomb and local family dinner.
take evening flight to Urumqi


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