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Don’t you know where to go in Lanzhou and Zhangye? Zhangye Danxia Rainbow Mountain, Bingling Grottoes near Lanzhou, detours to Xiahe and Badan Jaran Desert would be the highlights of this area. Please refer to the following itineraries for more wonderful places and better understanding of these mysterious area. If you cannot find a trip that meets your requirements, please click Tailor-Made Your own private tour , One of our tour consultants will offer you a perfect tour within 24 hours.

Lanzhou and Zhangye are the hubs of the ancient Silk Road, located in Northwest China.
The beauty of these cities are not only Danxia and snowcapped mountains, but also colorful hills, rivers, forests, grasslands, splendid culture and traditional life.

Urumqi is the central city of Xinjang Uighur Autonomous region & largest one in Northwest China. Turpan is a historical city which sued to be an important town on the ancient Silk Road. It is about 180Kms from Urumqi.

Our Kashgar tours will not only provide you with rich cultural and historical lessons from ethnic minorities and nomads around Kashgar, but also take you out of the beautiful hometown and experience a lifetime of adventure

Xinjiang has fascinating Central Asian culture and extraordinary natural beauty; From the high mountains to the flat plains. Meet the desert dwellers and dance with the nomads of the Pamirs. Gain a different perspective on the life in this hidden corner of the world.

Silk Road starts at Xian which is the ancient capital of China and travelling through the Hexi corridor to Dunhuang, then crossing the Gobi Desert to Turpan, finally stop in Kashgar, and then cross the Pamir Plateau to Central Asia, eventually leading to Europe

Gansu Province, known as an important golden section of the Silk Road, is one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture & flows from east to west along the Hexi Corridor, the gap through which goods and ideas once streamed between China & Central Asia

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