Mor Buddha Pagoda & Saturday Market

  • Tour Code: KST16

  • Destinations:Mor Buddha Pagoda, Bashkiram Village, Saturday Non-touristy village Market, Apak Hoja tomb , old city of Kashgar, Local family visit and dinner with them

  • Tour Type: Private Tour

  • Highlights:Visit the only standing Buddha Pagoda around Kashgar.

Day 1
Day trip to Mor Buddha pagoda & Saturday Market
Drive to Hanoi ancient Buddha pagoda which is located about 35km from Kashgar city. It is one of the earliest ancient Buddha pagodas in western China which was built in the 4th Century. We drive through Bashkiram village which is the most famous village for its pomegranates and grape. You will also have chance to visit a local family and try the local fruits at their orchard if you are on the right season. We stay here for about 30 minutes then head to Saturday market which is a small bazaar happens only on every Saturday, it is absolutely non-touristy market. Lunch will be in a local restaurant (or as your wish) and visit Apak Hoja Mausoleum which is a graveyard of a ruler of Kashgar during 16th century. 72 people of five generations were buried here. It is an outstanding local structure built in 16th centuries. Finally we have some walking tours around old city area which is the highlight of your tour and a good chance to learn the history of Kashgar and life of the locals. Kashagr old city is regarded as “live cultural museum”. Dinner will be at a local family. You will also have a chance to study how to cook uighur food if you like.

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