K2 trekking from Chinese side

4WD or Van, & camels
18-25+ days

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world and, needless to say, offers some excellent trekking.
We can make all necessary arrangements for those wanting to trek through the surrounding mountains to K2 Base Camp on the Chinese side. We also arrange climbing expeditions for K2 ascent.

If you’re interested in K2 treks on the Pakistan side, we can arrange those as well!

Day 1
Tourgat Pass to Kashgar

Our guide will meet you at the Tourgat Pass and accompany you to Kashgar where you’ll check in to the Qinibagh Bagh Hotel. Total distance is 170Km (106 Miles), about 5 hours driving plus China immigration and custom.

Day 2
Explore Kashgar City

Explore the rich, endless culture of the Uighurs in Kashgar. Visit the largest bazaar in Central Asia at the Kashgar Sunday market, spend time by the Id Kah mosque, the largest mosque in China and marvel at the intricate architecture of Kashgar’s historic Apak hoja tomb. We’ll also spend time today in the Kashgar old town and have dinner with a local Uighur family. Stay at Qinibagh

Day 3
Kashgar – Kargilik

Drive from Kashgar to Kargilik along the edge of the Taklamakan desert through many of the oasis Uighur towns that dot its edge. Kargilik’s central square is an eclectic mix of local teahouses, fruit and egg sellers all under the shadow of the large mosque to one side

Day 4
Kargiliki to Ilik

A short drive takes us from Kargilik to Ilik which is the starting point of our trek. At Ilik we will meet out camels and camel drivers to begin our hike into the desert. Overnight camping in the desert under the clearest night sky imaginable.

Day 5
Trekking up to River confluence

The adventure begins! Trek for four – five hours toward the confluence of the Zug Shaksgam and Surukwat Rivers where we will make camp for the night. ‘Confluence’ is called ‘Liangcha’ in Chinese.

Day 6
Trekking up to the Aghili Pass

Our trek begins today with a short ascent to the Aghil Pass (4779m). The trail climbs through an ancient Kirgiz village on route and our camp will be to the north side of the pass. Trekking time: 6 to 7 hours

Day 7
Trekking along the River

After reaching the summit of the Aghil Pass, we descend to the Shaksgam River which we cross and camp on the far side. If the weather permits today, we will have a good view of Gashebrum l and 2 and Broad Peak from near the Pass.

Day 8
Trekking along the River towards K2 Base Camp

Trek for four – six hours at a leisurely pace along the Shaksgam river and camp nearby. If the weather permits we will have our first good view of K2 from our camping site.

Day 9
Trekking up to K2 Base Camp

Ascend for four – six hours to the Chinese base camp of K2 at 3800m. Few sights on earth incur such feeling as the might of the second highest mountain on Earth towering over

Day 10
Trekking up to Advance Base Camp

Push onto to Advance Base Camp offering stupendous views of the mountain and surrounds

Day 11
Trekking around the Base Camp

Time to relax, trek and hike around one of the highest Base Camps in the world.

Day 12
To Shakgam River

Return to the Shakgam River Retire from Advance Base Camp and head back to the Shaksgam River to camp and catch a breather after several days at altitude

Day 13
Trekking along the River

Trek four – six hours along the Shaksgam river and make camp downstream

Day 14
Recrossing the Aghili Pass

Returning from one high point, doesn’t mean that others don’t need to be crossed as we re-conquer the Aghili Pass back to Ilik.

Day 15
Illik in sight

Is the adventure over? Not quite. Today we trek six – eight hours to Ilik where our trek might be over but the adventure not quite.

Day 16
Drive on to Kargilik

Today we drive back to Kargilik and stay overnight at a recommended hotel.

Day 17
Kargilik – Kashgar

Return to Kashgar alongside the shifting dunes of the desert and stay overnight on the crossroads of Asia

Day 18
Kashgar to your next destination

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