7-Day North Xinjiang Tour

  • Tour Code: NXJ20

  • Highlights:Enjoy the most beautiful lake in China; experience the nomadic life of local Kazak and Tuwa minorities; hiking or horse riding in Hemu villages which is reworded as one of the five most beautiful villages in China

Day 1
Urumqi to Fuyun
Activities: drive drive through Kurban Tongut desert, Visit Wucaicheng on the way. Arrive in Koktokay town in the late afternoon and stay overnight
After breakfast, you’ll meet your tour guide and driver in your hotel lobby to begin driving to Fuyun County through Kurbantongut desert and en-route, to enjoy the vast second largest desert steppes in China 
After 3 hours of driving we’ll stop at Wucaicheng also known as Wucaiwan, the multi-colored bay. The bay presents the visitor with an artist’s composed colors of reds, yellows, greens, grays, blacks and whites. The multi-colored Bay was one of the main locations for the Oscar Winning Best Foreign language film “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.
Enjoy the Bay about an hour then continue driving through “Karamay Wild Animals Protection Area.” On a good day, you’ll hopefully see some of the many wild horses, camels or deers during our crossing. We can stop to take photos at any time you want.
Day 2
Fuyun/Koktokay to Burjin County
Activities: Visit Koktokay National park and then drive to Burjin county
After breakfast drive to Koktokay National park which is a well-known high rock stone mountain peaks in different shapes surrounded by forests and Irtish River. During the tour visit Irtish River valley, Shenzhong Mountain which means “holly Bell Mountain” , it is named like this as the shape of this mountain looks like a bell , you’ll also visit camel peak and Elephant Peak mountains , formation of the peaks are similar to these animals.
After lunch drive to Burjin county which takes about 4-5 hours.
Upon your arrival, check into your hotel . We also suggest you to go to Burjin night market to taste local fish, the night market is quite busy and interesting
Day 3
Burjin to Kanas Lake
Activities: Drive to Kanas Lake and visit Wusaitan on the way
After breakfast, a short drive to Wucaitan which is also known as “Rainbow Beach” and “Five-Colored Hills”, about 24 km from the hotel. Here we’ll stop for an hour to enjoy the beautiful, dramatic scenery of this beach along the bank of the Irtysh River – the only river in China to flow into the Arctic Ocean.
From Wucaitan, we drive on to Kanas Lake passing through lush grasslands lazing at the feet of pine filled mountain valleys over lording above.
Once arrive Jiadengyu which is an entrance of the Kanas lake at about lunch time, we have lunch either at local family in the yurt or at the restaurant, then take a shuttle bus up to the lake which takes about 40 minutes.
Kanas lake is a great place for outdoor activities, after lunch you will have chance to hike around lake, boating, horseback riding, river rafting as you like. (on your own expenses)
End of the day, leave from the Lake come to Jadengyu village and spend the night there.
Day 4
Kanas lake for whole day
Activities: Spend whole day around Kanas lake, go up to the GuanYuTai ( Fish Watching Pavilion)
After Breakfast get the shuttle bus to the lake again.
1. During shuttle bus ride Between entrance and the lake, you can stop at several spots along the Kanas River like Laying Dragon Bay, Immortal Bay and Moon Bay which are the most well-known and beautiful sceneries in this area.
2. Take shuttle bus to GuanYuTai ( Fish Watching Pavilion) which is the highest point and the best place to take incredible panoramic view of the whole lake (on your own expenses). The Kanas Lake is famous for changing its colors. The color of the water changes several times in a day, from dark green to sky blue, then to gray and white. The higher you climb up, the more colors you will see.
stay in Jiadengyu
Day 5
Jiadengyu/Hemu village/Burjin
Activities: After breakfast visit Hemu village and then drive to Burjin
Set out for Hemu village after breakfast, it is about little more than one hour drive by car and then about 40 minutes by shuttle bus.
Arrive at Hemu village and spend your time around the village for hiking, horse riding as you like. Hemu village has been ranked by China National Geography as one of the six most beautiful villages in China.
when you are done here, we drive to Burjiun for overnight
Day 6
Burjin to Kuitun
Activities: whole day drive to Kuitun, visit Ghost city and oil zone on the way
After breakfast at your hotel set out for Kuitun. First stop at Wurghu town and visit Ghost City where you’ll also have an opportunity to stretch your legs have a short walk and back in time.
The Ghost Town is the nickname for Feng Cheng (the Windy Town) and it is named as such for just the wind rather than its appearance. After millennia of erosion by the wind and the rain, the present strange sight of Yardang landform was formed. This is not only a good place in which to travel but it also attracts a great deal of attention and interest of those who appreciate its scientific value.
You’ll also visit the Oil zone of Karamay along the way. Arrive at the hotel by dinner time and stay overnight.
Day 7
Kuitun to Urumqi
Activities: Drive to Urumqi visit Heavenly lake on the way
Our guide and driver see you at the hotel lobby and Leave for Urumqi after breakfast. Today you will visit beautiful and crystal-clear waters of Heavenly Lake which is guarded by the Tianshan mountain. Once you are at the like, you will have free time to roam around the lake, simply trekking up the mountains through the various valleys, go for boating or take cable car(own expense) up to the top of the mountain for full scenery of the lake.Whenever you are finished with the lake drive back to Urumqi and stay overnight.

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