4-Days Trekking Around Muztagh Ata And Karakul Lake

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    Driving along the world famous Karakoram Highway, trekking around Muztagh Ata and Karakul lake for enjoying matchless scenery of Pamir plateau; Stay at local traditional Kyrgyz yurt and mud brick houses to experience real local life.

Day 1
Kashgar to Karakul lake

Ativities: Drive along the KKH, Stop at Opal Village, Kunlunshan, Bulungkol Valley (white sand mountain), Karakul lake and local Kyrgyz family visit.
Our experienced local Uighur mountain guide and driver will meet you in the lobby of your hotel at 7:00am local time (9am Beijing time). From there, we’ll set out along the KKH, the highest paved international road in the world. First, we’ll stop at Opal village to purchase fresh naan-bread for our journey. Monday is market day in Opal, so we recommend travelling on this day to really experience local village life. After driving 30 minutes, we’ll pause at a scenic spot to take photos of the spectacular snow-capped scenery of the Kunlun Shan before continuing on to Oytagh valley and it’s ‘oasis village.’ Pushing on, we’ll follow alongside the Gaz river to reach our first checkpoint under the sweeping shadow of Konger Shan. As ancient silkroad caravans have done since time began, we’ll call at an original caravan sarai campsite under the backdrop of the Konger Mountain range. Following our caravan stop, our journey then passes through the dramatic surroundings of Kumtagh, known locally as the white sand mountain. Here, we also meet the rolling grasslands of Bulungkol valley dotted with sheep, goats and cows. On a good day, we can also see the reflection of the nearby white sand dunes in Corner Lake. By lunch time, we’ll reach Karakul Lake and have lunch at a lakeside restaurant or with a local Kyrgyz family. The lake is situated at the base of Muztagh Ata Mountain and your afternoon stay at the lake is your time for riding camels, horses, taking photos or simply hiking around lake to your hearts content. In the evening, you may decide to stay overnight in the yurt of a local Kyrgyz family, which is a great opportunity to experience the life of local people and experience a simple way of living.

Day 2
Karakul Lake to Idara Village

Ativities: Trekking through some grassland, Kyrgyz Village
For the traveller, a journey along the KKH is one wonder and self discovery. Its’ soaring peaks and untamed wilderness truly dramatizes a sense of life without limits and yet still hold the promise of more to come. Wake up along the whispering shores of a jewel among sleeping giants. Today, we welcome another beautiful day with a sunrise between Muztagh Ata and Konger Shan, the two highest peaks on the KKH. After breakfast, we’ll pack our luggage onto camels and start our trek to Muztagh Ata base camp. The trek is about 15 kms and takes a sedate 4 hours, passing mostly over rolling grasslands to our destination. This is the easiest part of our trip. Tonight, we’ll stay at Idara village, which has 20-25 families living there all year-round in squat stone and mud brick homes. Locals here travel to different parts of the mountain to feed their animals during the summer, and stay in their homes throughout the winter where it is warmer. Idara offers you another great opportunity to experience local life and get a feeling for what it might have been like as an ancient silkroad traveller.

Day 3
Idara Village to Chaltumak

Ativities: Trekking to Chaltumak Village which is about 5 hours trekking journey
Today, we’ll hike 15 kms up from Idara at 3700m to Chal Tumak Village at 4200m. A local style Kyrgyz breakfast of Naan bread, mild Yak tea, yogurt and Cheese, will give you the energy you need to make the journey. It should take us 4-5 hours across marshland to reach our destination. Chal Tumak is a small yurt village with about 4-5 families who feed their animals there during the summer, and move back to their homes in Kishlak (winter village) at a lower altitude from September till May. Here, you’ll have another fine opportunity to experience local traditions as you see shepherds milking their yaks, goats and cows under a backdrop of magnificent snow-capped peaks. In Chal Tumak, we’ll stay with a local family, though be warned, it can be quite cold at night at this altitude, so be sure to stay warm next to the yurts yak dung stove. Wrap up well, as tomorrow we’ll be glacier walking.

Day 4
Chaltumak-Glacier-Muztagh Ata BC-204-Tashkorgan

Ativities: trekking up to the beautiful Glaciers of Muztagh Ata, explore the base camp and back to the 204 where our driver is waiting and drive to Tashkorgan
Most people don’t get the chance to see a glacier, let along walk on one, but today you’ll be one of the lucky few. After breakfast with a local family, we’ll hike up to the nearby glacier to experience first hand the magnificent beauty of the father of the ice mountains, Muztagh Ata, followed by a trek up to base camp at 4500m, where all adventurers begin their climbing ascent. If your health is good enough for climbing you may also try to climb part of it, perhaps up to 5000m. Although today is the most difficult part of our trek together, it’s also the most beautiful, too. Finally, we’ll trek back down to marker 204 on the nearby Karakorum Highway, where our driver is waiting for us to drive Back to Kashgar

    No: of the people 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX or more
    Price (RMB/ per person) ¥3975 Yuan ¥3397 Yuan ¥2995 Yuan

    Price includes:                            

    1. Air-conditioned vehicle
    2. English speaking tour guide
    3. Accommodation: yurt and mud brick local family houses during trekking (3 nights)
    4. Meals for 4 days
    5. Entrance fee and ecological pollution fee for trekking
    6. All expenses of the guide and driver

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