4-Day Jiayuguan & Dunhuang Tours

  • Tour Code: DJ5

  • Destinations: Jiayuguan and Dunhuang

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the famous Jade Pass of Yumenguan.
  • Enjoy camel ride around the Crescent lake in the Gobi Desert.
  • Admire the most valuable Buddhist Treasure house of Mogao Grottoes in the World.

Day 1
Arrive in Jiayuguan
Hotel:Jiayuguan hotel (4 star)
Meals:No Meals
Activities: Pick up from airport and transfer to your hotel
Our guide and driver will pick up you form airport with your name and transfer to your hotel
Jiayuguan is located in the west of the hexi corridor which is sandwiched between the towering Qilian mountains and the northern mountains.
Day 2
Jiayuguan Tours and Drive to Dunhuang
Hotel:Fuguo Hotel (4*)
Activities: Visit Jiayuguan Fort (pass), Great wall museum, Over-hanging cliff Great Wall and then drive to Dunhuang
After breakfast explore some exciting sites around Jiayugaun, first visit Jiayuguan pass (Jiayuguan Fort) also known as the “Impregnable Pass under Heaven,” Jiayuguan is the western end of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty as well as the most magnificent and a well-preserved pass among over a thousand passes along the Ming Great Wall.
Then stop at great wall museum which is one of the first museums to give a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the history of the Great Wall, and then drive to the Over-hanging cliff Great Wall which is situated 11km away from the city and 7 km away from the Jiayuguan Pass.
After lunch leave for Dunhuang which is about 5 hours driving distance.
Day 3
Dunhuang For Whole Day
Hotel:Fuguo Hotel (4*)
Activities: Visit Mogao Grottoes, Museum, Crescent Lake and Mingsha Echo-sand Mountain
Our local guide and driver will pick up you from your hotel at an appointed time and go for sight-seeing.
Spend the whole morning at Mogao Grottoes which were constructed over a millennium ago from the 4th to 14th centuries. The caves are also known as the Thousand Buddha Caves with two distinctions of being one of the most notable grottoes in China as well as the best-preserved treasure house of Buddhist art, sutras, murals and sculptures in the world.
After lunch, visit Dunhuang Museum which exhibits relics excavated from the local area, such as papers, coins, and a model of the Great Wall as it appeared during the Han Dynasty.
In the end, drive the mysterious Crescent Lake which no-one can explain the formation of such a geological oddity would be the great experience. it is a good place for Camel Riding, High Sand Dunes sliding or walking around this desert.
If you like you can stay till sunset and back to the hotel later
Day 4
Dunhuang to Your Next Destination
Hotel:Not included
Activities: See you off at Dunhuang airport
Today is the last day of your tour with us, so we hope this tour shouldn’t be the last. We strive to make every day of your time with us the one that you’ll always remember and if you’d like to book some other tours please Contact us for more information

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