11-Day From Zhangye to Kashgar

  • Duration: 11 days
  • Departs: 11/10/2018
  • Arrives: 21/10/2018
  • Destinations: Zhangye; Jiayuguan; Dunhuang; Turpan; Kashgar; Karakoram Highway; Tashgkorgan

  • Number of Pax: 4 PAX

  • Clients from:Hong Kong; USA , Singapore

Day 1
2018-10-11 (Thursday)
Arrive in Zhangye and visit Danxia
Hotel:Tianyu International Hotel (4 star)
Meals:No Meals
Activities: Pick up you from Zhangye Railway station and visit Danxia National Geopark (Rainbow Mountain)
Our guide and driver will pick up you from Zhangye Railway station and then drive to Danxia National Geopark (also called Rainbow Mountain) which is Known for its colorful rock formations and the unusual colors of the rocks, which are smooth, sharp and several hundred meters tall. They are the result of deposits of sandstone and other minerals that occurred over 24 million years. It has been voted by Chinese media as one of the most beautiful landforms in China.
Stay in Zhangye overnight
Day 2
2018-10-12 (Friday)
Zhangye For Another Day
Hotel:Tianyu International Hotel (4 star)
Activities: Visit Giant Buddha Temple, Wooden Pagoda Temple and Mati Temple Grottoes
After breakfast visit Giant Buddha Temple and the Wooden Pagoda Temple in the morning. As a landmark of Zhangye, the Giant Buddha Temple is renowned as the largest indoor reclining Buddha in China. Even a single finger of the Buddha can allow one adult to lie down. It is said that this giant Buddha statue is made in the image of Sakyamuni. Our guide will also introduce other statues and delicate murals in the hall. Numerous scriptures and ancient books are also displayed. In this temple, we will not miss the earth tower and a typical folk residence with traditional carved beams and painted pillars. Stepping out of the Giant Buddha Temple, we will drive to the Wooden Pagoda Temple built with wood and bricks.
After lunch drive one hour to visit the Mati Temple Grottoes. It is said that a heavenly horse once left its hoof print on a rock there and you can still see that print in the temple. It is a unique temple house buildings for both Han Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Follow the guide to enjoy the Buddha statues carved in the caves and appreciate the painted scriptures of heroes in Tibetan myths.
Day 3
2018-10-13 (Saturday)
Zhangye to Jiayuguan
Hotel:Jiayuguan hotel (4 star)
Activities: Jiayuguan fort ; Overhanging cliff great wall ;Weijin Ancient Tomb ;
After breakfast we will drive to Jiayuguan, 250km 3Hs; then visit Jiayuguan fort the greatest and the best preserved one along all of the Great Walls in China ;
then drive to Overhanging Cliff great wall the north part of Jiayuguan fort defense system, You can climb up to the top according to your body condition;
Later visit Weijin Ancient Tomb which is well-known as the biggest underground art gallery in the world;
Finally check into your hotel we booked
Day 4
2018-10-14 (Sunday)
Jiayuguan to Dunhuang
Hotel:Fuguo Hotel (4*)
Activities: Drive to Dunhuang and visit Singing Sand dunes and Crescent Moon Lake; Shazhou Night market
After breakfast , drive to Dunhuang which takes about 5 hours and arrive by lunch time.
After lunch visit Singing Sand dunes and Crescent Moon Lake and you will have a chance to ride camel ;it will be a memorable experience .
After dinner we can look around Shazhou Night Market ; we will see different kinds of souvenirs, fruits,local foods and many more..
Day 5
2018-10-15 (Monday)
Dunhuang to Turpan
Hotel:Huozhou Hotel (4-star)
Activities: After breakfast Visit Mogao Grottoes; After lunch fast speed train to Turpan
We spend the whole morning at Mogao Grottoes which were constructed over a millennium ago from the 4th to 14th centuries. The caves are also known as the Thousand Buddha Caves with two distinctions of being one of the most notable grottoes in China as well as the best-preserved treasure house of Buddhist art, sutras, murals and sculptures in the world.
After lunch drive Dunhuang fast speed train station for your journey to Turpan which is about 3:30 hours train ride. Our Turpan local driver/guide will pick up you from Turpan railway station and transfer to your hotel
Day 6
2018-10-16 (Tuesday)
Turpan for whole day
Hotel:Huozhou Hotel (4-star)
Activities: Visit Idikut (Gaochang) ancient city, Toyuq village, Bizeklik Thousand Buddha caves and Flaming Mountains
After breakfast at the hotel, We start our tour in Turpan with a visit to ancient city of Idikut (Gaochang). The city was first built in the first Century BC and later became capital of the Idikut (Gaochang) Uighur Kingdom of the 8th Century.
We’ll visit the city for about 40 minutes and then Move on to Toyuq village, an old, beautiful and timeless village with a friendly Uighur community. Here we visit several local families and have lunch with a local family at their home. This could be the highlight of your tour of the day.
After lunch we visit Bizeklik Thousand Buddha caves which used to be an important center for Buddhist worshipers under the Xizhou Huigu government of the Idikut (Gaochang) Kingdom.
On the way back to the hotel we will stop at the Flaming Mountain which people claimed to be the hottest and driest on the Silk Road that “flying birds even a thousand miles away dare not to come”.
Day 7
2018-10-17 (Wednesday)
Turpan to Kashgar
Hotel:Qinibagh Royal Hotel (5*)
Activities: Visit Yargul (Jiaohe) Ancient city, Karez underground Irrigation system and Emin Minaret. Take afternoon flight to Kashgar
Following breakfast at the Hotel we start our another wonderful day in Turpan. Our special itinerary today includes sightseeing in Turpan and take afternoon flight to Kashgar
First we visit Yargul (Jiaohe) Ancient city which is one of the best preserved ancient cities in China. The ruins of the buildings are divided into temples, civilian dwellings and government offices. Workshops, residential houses and the streets are still visible and time there is a time spent in a long lost world.
After an hour of seeing around the ancient city, we’ll head on to see the world famous Karez irrigation system, unique to this part of the world. The system is considered as one of the three great projects in China with the other two being the Great Wall and the Grand Canal.
Finally visit Emin Sulaiman Minaret which is a magnificent combination of ancient Uighur and Islamic architecture. It is the tallest ancient tower in Xinjiang and the only Islamic ancient minaret in the country. Locals call it “pure tower”. 
Finally, our guide and driver will transfer you to Turpan airport for your flight to Kashgar
Day 8
2018-10-18 (Thursday)
Kashgar to Tashkorgan
Hotel:Qianhai International Hotel (3-star))
Activities: Drive along the KKH, Stop at Opal Village, Oytagh Kunlunshan Colorful mountain range, Gaz Valley and check point, Bulungkol Valley (white sand mountain), Karakul lake and local Kyrgyz family visit
We set out along the Sino – Pakistan Karakorum Highway, on the Pamir plateau (the roof of the world)visit Karakul Lake (3600m above sea level). The lake sits at the foot of the notorious, Muztagh Ata (7546m) and Gongur (7719m) mountains. ‘Muztagh Ata’ means Father of the Ice Mountain and is one of the most beautiful and mysterious mountains in the world.
Lunch will be at local Kyrgyz family or at the lake side restaurant as your like.
You can stop along the way at good spots for photos as much as you like or hiking around Karakul lake for a few hours. Our driver and guide never mind for your many stops or spending time for hiking
Arrive Tashkorgan in the late afternoon and stay overnight
Day 9
2018-10-19 (Friday)
Tashkorgan to Kashgar
Hotel:Qinibagh Royal Hotel (5*)
Activities: Visit Stone Fort, Tajik village, Hike on the Grassland and drive back to Kashgar after lunch
Tashkurgan Tajik autonomous county was once an important hub on the old Silk Road. The area borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan  via the Kunjerab Pass and Wahan Corridor.
After breakfast, you’ll have an opportunity to see the town’s ancient Stone Fort – still standing after 2200 years! ‘Tashkurgan’ is a translation of ‘Stone Fort.’ Later Hike on the grassland next to the Stone Fort.
After lunch, drive back to Kashgar and you can make stops along the way if you like.
Day 10
2018-10-20 (Saturday)
Explore Kashgar City
Hotel:Qinibagh Royal Hotel (5*)
Activities: Visit Grand mosque, Apak Hoja tomb (which is also called Fragrant Concubine Tomb), Old city walking tours and dinner at a local Uighur family countryside of Kashgar.
Explore the rich, endless culture of the Uighurs in Kashgar. Spend some time by the Id Kah mosque, the largest mosque in China and marvel at the intricate architecture of Kashgar’s historic Apak Hoja Tomb which is also known as Fragrant concubine tomb).
We’ll spend time in the Kashgar Old Town and have some walking tours through some ancient historical parts; Stop at a century-old tea house for a short break and taste local medicinal teas such as such as those containing rose, saffron, honey and other ingredients.
Finally conclude our city tour with a dinner at a local family in countryside which offers a great opportunity to deeply understand real local life, culture and traditions of local Uighurs.
Day 11
2018-10-21 (Sunday)
Kashgar To Your Next Destination After Sunday Market
Hotel:Not included
Activities: Visit Livestock market and Main Sunday bazaar. Then see you off at Kashgar airport
After breakfast at the hotel visit Livestock market and Main sunday market.
Livestock market: This market happens on every Sunday is sure to be the most interesting highlight of your tour today. It provides a great opportunity to take photos of the faces of local people; study traditional local market culture; test-drive a donkey or horse or even make its shoes. Like opening a window, today is a real glimpse into a time lost in the annals of the Silk Road’s past and an opportunity not to be missed.
Sunday Bazaar: It is said “you can find everything except chicken milk at this bazaar” as this bazaar is one of the largest in Central Asia. “From fluffy sheepskin hats to rugged camel-hide boots, not to mention beads, buttons and buckets of locals. Everything – including plenty of kitchen sinks – is for sale at this fairytale bazaar. It is the best to chance to practice your bargaining skills.”
After lunch drive you to Kashgar airprot for your departure flight

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